Lead Generation
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Lead Generation


During this important stage we will look at your ideal customer, what they have in common with each other and look at how we can target the majority of them. We'll discover what social networks they prefer, what groups they are part of and even the hardware and software they prefer.

For this we use a mix of channels like phone, email, social media, search engines and also our own software packages.

Campaign Setup

The first step is to setup your own professionally build mini website to capture your leads.

Once we know your ideal customer, we setup your advertising campaign on the platform/s that we can reach them the best at the lowest cost. This hyper targeted traffic is then send to your newly build website and leads are referred to you via phone call or email.


Once your campaign is started and data generated, we will monitor it closely and optimize it for the best possible ROI (Return on Investment) on a daily basis.

Also, we constantly run A/B tests on all campaigns, to ensure that you benefit all the time. Much like yourself, we hate wasting money and the running of effective campaigns is always our top priority.

Hot Lead Generation

Within days after you sign up, you will start receiving your first hot leads straight into your inbox or via phone call. It is important to note that whenever you receive such leads, you should contact them as soon as possible. These are direct replies from potential customers that just visited your mini website and is interested in doing business.

Obviously these are super hot leads and you will be able to close them without much effort. You and your sales team can now focus on converting these hot leads into customers.

Detailed Weekly Reports

Now that you received some very hot leads and are now working on closing these, you'll be pleased to find out that we'll also send you a detailed report on all your active campaigns on a weekly basis. This will show you exactly how much you spend on ads during that period, the number of clicks, new leads generated and much more.

Keeping our clients in the dark is simply not an option. True transparency is guaranteed at Topleadz

You Stay in Control !

At Topleadz we feel it is of the utmost importance that you stay complete in control 24/7. You can control your own budgets and increase or lower them simply by contacting us.

Unlike other companies, we do not add additional fees to your advertising cost. You decide on your ad budget and we simply charge for our expertise to bring to red hot leads that you can easily convert to lifelong customers.