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About Us

We live by our Motto:

Passion, Innovation and Excellence

Topleadz was founded in 2016 by Peter Koorsen, who had the scope to envision a digital marketing agency based on excellent client service,  commitment and results. Quality Leads should not only be a privilege enjoyed only by large corporations, but also by Professional Individuals and smaller businesses.

At Topleadz, we believe in transparency and servitude. Rather than pursuing the bottom line in a race to turn a profit, we focus on supporting client needs to the best of our abilities, communicating with the upmost clarity and honesty, and only pursuing a project when we’re confident we can succeed on behalf of the client.

As well as delivering high-performing digital campaigns, we’re committed to educating our clients so that they understand exactly what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and most importantly why we’re doing it.  We’re with you every step of the way.

We realize that our clients’ businesses depend on our success in serving them. From dedicated client support, to aggressive production schedules, we dedicate 100% of our abilities and passion to produce positive outcomes.

When you choose Topleadz, you’re adding a true partner dedicated to delivering marketing success.

The Dedicated Topleadz Team